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Doing our best to keep our furry children healthy by being vigilant about what we feed them and how we also keep them mentally stimulated.

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Feeding Raw Should NOT be scary!

The above link is a great post about feeding your dog raw food. If you ask your vet about feeding raw vs kibble/canned diet and he or she’s answer is an immediate “raw food is bad” I strongly advise you find a new vet. A raw diet is not recommended for all dogs (especially if their immune systems are already compromised) but for an overall healthy dog it’s certainly worth looking into. Feeding your dog a raw diet poses no more of a health risk to you than preparing meat to cook for yourself. Chile has been on a raw diet for over 6 years now and I can’t begin to list all the positive changes we’ve seen in her health.  I’ve had people tell me that they “tried feeding raw” and that their dog got an upset stomach so they stopped.  As with any change in an animal’s diet you have to do so gradually.  A dog’s gastrointestinal system is designed to handle raw meats and bones you just have to introduce it slowly to give  their bodies time to adjust from all the processed food they’ve been fed their whole lives.  When Chile was on a “high-quality” (read: EXPENSIVE) commercial processed food diet (kibble and canned) it seemed as though anytime she ate something out of the ordinary (even the smallest piece of cheese that she found on the floor) she would have diarrhea for days.  This made me very anxious at the thought of switching to a completely different RAW way of feeding.  I was in absolute shock that gradually adding in raw food and eventually converting completely, gave Chile little to no stomach problems.  In fact since we’ve had her on a total raw diet, her bouts with gastrointestinal distress are almost non-existent.  Also, no one we know has ever had salmonella poisoning from being in our house or around our pets.

Chile, Chief of Salivary Operations, enjoying a beam